Our services are offered on the basis of combined and extensive experience as project leaders in the cutural and creative sectors, especially in developing projects that have successfully engaged People of Colour in a balanced and meaningful way. We can offer our expertise to help you assess how successfully you are fulfilling your funders’ criteria for diversity, your own goals and specific hurdles in meeting these. This can be undertaken in relation to your organisation as a whole or specific projects. Choose from any of the below services:


Typically, our method would be to speak with you on the phone to identify the task. First, we will seek to understand any management, team or resourcing issues at play. On the basis of this discussion we would put together a brief proposal of recommendations and submit this for your consideration. This would lead to Extended Feedback, Workshops, Research or Longer Term Collaboration.

Our commitment: 30 min phone call, follow up proposal


This is a diagnostic meeting with your team, before which you would provide information about your organisation’s current activities around diversity and inclusion. On the basis of this, we write a brief report analyzing the issues you face as seen through our lens. This can be a useful tool for finding resources to tackle these at a deeper level. We are particularly interested in giving feedback on what you are already doing that works well and which could be further developed.

Our commitment: Prior reading, 1-day consultation, follow up report


We can undertake original research into the areas of workforce, programming, audience & participant engagement, funding and business needs as these relate to diversity within your organisation. Such a report could, for example, unpack what you have already achieved; provide a statistical picture of your region, undertake fieldwork research with local people from protected characteristic groups, assess and describe their relationship with your company, and your sector, and provide recommendations. This report can be used as an effective tool when planning future projects, reporting to funders and developing your organisation and sector.

Our commitment: Inception meeting, mid-research consultation, literature review, fieldwork, report with recommendations


A longer term piece of work, (including the above extended feedback, workshops and research), where we would support you in developing solutions over a period of time. This would involve consultation with key members of your team, leading to deeper understanding of creative engagement with marginalized groups and project planning.

Our commitment: research report with recommendations, agreed number of workshops, business/project planning


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