The Issue

We suggest that media, arts and entertainment should hold a mirror to society, and that if all groups of people are depicted accurately and without prejudice, our community as a whole will benefit.

While portrayals of People of Colour are becoming less overtly negative, damaging representations in texts, images and editorial continue to have a detrimental impact. These have the power to distort mainstream perceptions of People of Colour and undermine their self-worth, perpetuating mistrust, marginalization and suspicion of cultural differences in others.

At Signifier, we believe that negative representations can be replaced by realistic, nuanced and non-discriminatory views of all groups in our society. The ability of the image or text to convey meanings –that is so often used destructively– can equally be applied to ensuring that all people are portrayed accurately.

Our view is that the most important forum for more precise and sensitive narratives is mainstream culture that reaches all sections of society: television, arts, radio, computer gaming, cinema, news and social media. Excellent examples of People of Colour-sensitivity often stand out as positive and encouraging evidence that programmers see advantages in non-discriminatory work.


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