We understand that change comes through shifts in working practices and cultural attitudes, and the workshops here are designed to work with senior management, staff teams and students to develop knowledge and skills that will lead to empowerment in including marginalised groups in a positive way. Some of the workshop themes covered are;

Equality Legislation

The workshop provides an introduction to the Equality Act 2010 and details each of the protected characteristics so participants can learn more about what they are and how to avoid discrimination through words and actions. The workshop aims to help participants promote a fairer, more tolerant and more diverse working environment.

Cultural Representation

We offer participants training in the definition and analysis of processes involved in the cultural construction of ideas, in particular the notion of identity, and in the representations of these ideas in literature, cinema, theatre and other media.

Power and Privilege

Participants in this workshop will develop an understanding of what privileges they may not realise they have and/or take for granted. The workshop will explore the ideas that privilege is not only a legal construct but also social, religious, economical and so on.

Unconscious Bias

This workshop will provide participants with an understanding of what unconscious bias is and will provide the opportunity to think about situations where your own unconscious bias might affect your ability to make objective decisions or judgements.


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