The Challenge

The transforming world of equality policy and legislation has led to more stringent demands on cultural and creative organisations to deliver programmes that are aligned to fast moving developments in good ‘diversity practice’. Production companies today are expected by funders, reviewers and savvy audiences to be inclusive at levels of workforce, direction and audience participation. But such measures can be perceived by over-worked producers as a restriction, or simply a statutory requirement; as boxes to tick to ensure funding and legal compliance.

In this social context of requirements, it can seem a challenge to design really creative and exciting answers to the question of inclusion. These might involve, for example, giving space to new voices in direction, production and scripting; re-writing narratives to represent the protected characteristic groups as positive communities. Such moves can bring in new audiences and greater levels of recognition; to unexpected leaps in creativity and affinity across peoples.

To maximise this potential, we would argue that you first need to imagine a cultural landscape where creative interaction between all UK’s communities offers an advantage to your company – and to society at large. This may involve a mind-shift and almost certainly a learning-curve. It may seem like an especially daunting challenge if your company doesn’t have team members already immersed in this kind of thinking. This is where we can step in and help your organisation to fulfil its potential in this area.


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