Signifier is a consultancy and think tank that provides practical solutions for organisations in the creative industries, in order to aid their success in creating greater equity and representation for marginalised people and peripheral communities. We do this by working with entities to improve, amongst other things; diversity policy, inclusionary practices, and organisational culture. We specialise in issues pertaining to African Heritage People and People of Colour, but we are also able to advise on the principles of savvy practice in all areas of diversity.

According to the UK government (2018), the UK’s creative industries have reached a £100 billion-mark contribution to the economy in 2017. The industry is composed of a wide range of sectors, including television and film, advertising, architecture, design, video games, fashion, music, arts and culture, and publishing.

We work with our clients and partners mainly across the areas of (but not restricted to) workforce, programming and audience development through active listening, research, project development, policy development and workshops.



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