There are a number of ways in which Signifier can work with you. Below are some of the key ways we have been working with leading creative organisations in the UK.


Policy Development

We help organisations develop specific governance policies that underpin their work in creating better relationships with Black people.  Our work allows organisations to have a clear and nuanced framework that develops and protects relationships with Black people and community.

Each policy we develop is specific to the needs of the organisation, sector and the communities they serve. To achieve this, we use rigorous research to understand the needs of all stakeholders. This includes interviews, surveys, literature reviews, datasets analysis and our own recommendations.

We have developed and made policy recommendations for public sector bodies, arts organisations, the design sector, sector support organisations.



We offer training, workshops, and facilitation sessions, depending on what needs are identified, to target specific gaps, or identify and contextualise issues in your organisation. We can also deliver, on your behalf, bespoke sessions, workshop events, training days, or consultations to wider audiences.

We understand that change can be made through shifts in working practices and cultural attitudes, and the sessions that we provide are designed to work at differing levels. We do this with the aim of not only creating change, but also to facilitate empowerment in a positive way.

We have delivered sessions and programs to museums, galleries and art organisations, universities, NGO’s, community groups, and as part of local government consultations.



We can undertake original research into the areas of workforce, programming, audience & participant engagement, funding and businesses’ needs as these relate to the diversity issues raised by your organisation.

Such a report could, for example, unpack what you have already achieved; include a literature review to provide a snapshot of your region and sector, collect data on your diversity activities, undertake fieldwork research with local people from protected characteristic groups, assess and describe their relationship with your company, and your sector, and provide recommendations. The data can then be used as an effective tool when planning future projects, reporting to funders, and providing you with baseline metrics for developing your organisation and sector.

We have provided such services to consultants, incubators, and theatres.


Critical Friend

We offer the opportunity to work with your organisation as a Critical Friend and foster a relationship that allows you to call on us and support your organisational journey to meet your goals. We can also talk about some of the less tangible aspects of looking at better representation, co-collaborative partnerships, organisational culture and its impact on policy and strategy, and how to engage in activism that is substantive, and not just performative, amongst other things.

Much of the work needed to improve organisations, and society’s relationship with the Black community and Communities of Colour is nuanced, this work will need to be framed and contextualised, and will evolve out of conversations, reimagining what is normative, and interrogating the existing status quo. This is on-going long-term work and, as a Critical Friend, we would be available to discuss and work through these, and other issues, as and when they come up.

We provide this service currently to art and tech organisations.


Audience Development

We work with organisations to help them increase and diversify their audiences. We can help you to develop relationships and engage with the Black community for events, products and long-term sustainable engagement in a meaningful way.

Using our expertise, we design innovative marketing strategies that include community partnerships, creating culturally relevant marketing content, street team’s promotion, digital and social media campaigns.

We have successfully delivered campaigns for NGOs, theatres, museums and educational institutions.


Project development

We work in partnership with other organisations interested in co-creating, developing and implementing projects, public or privately funded, aimed at contributing to sustainable development around the world. We are specially interested in working with marginalised and peripheral communities, underrepresented people who face all kinds of adversities, but foremost education, self-confidence, empowerment, social representation and support to grow professionally.

We believe true cooperation throughout the whole project development and delivery is the best way to achieve creative, innovative and effective results. We have experience in mapping funding opportunities, bid writing, fund raising, project management, partnership management, communication and so forth.

Some of the projects we have worked on are listed below with further information available via our portfolio menu.

Signifier is interested in (co)developing (international) projects to support young (wannabe) entrepreneurs who want to break into the tech and creative sector, especially those from marginalised communities. We aim to work with sustainable and impact-driven businesses either based in the UK or internationally.



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