Consulting to the cultural sector

The Challenge

Creative and cultural organisations in the UK are legally obliged to ensure that equality legislation is fulfilled and that successful diversity policies are in place. We understand that for many organisations this can be a challenge: it requires specific expertise and your team may already be under pressure. To add complexity to this, the nine protected characteristic groups covered by equality legislation have very different needs.


We specialise in the inclusion of People of Colour but we are also able to advise on the principles of savvy practice in all areas of diversity. We can work with you to develop successful procedures and relevant cultural shifts.Our approach is to look at how a sustainable diversity practice can further the needs of your organisation, looking at project planning, workforce recruitment, audience engagement, partnerships and talent development.


The Opportunity

We believe that this challenge is much more than a bureaucratic task and is actually a rich creative opportunity for organisations that aim to deliver innovative and compelling cultural productions. Diversity – bringing different people and cultures into interaction with each other – is often the key to the most exciting and highly-acclaimed artistic results.


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